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Art classes for children @ The Art Space are designed to be fun, multi-sensory, experiential and experimental, with an emphasis on the process as opposed to product.  The general well-being of the child is always paramount. Each lesson starts off with a group activity, then the child may work independently at a number of stations set up in the studio. There are always painting, drawing, clay and collage stations and new materials, techniques and skills are introduced every week with the objective of developing deeper creativity, problem-solving skills, autonomy, confidence and building on existing skills.

Children with special needs are most welcome.


Art classes for teens are very open-ended and flexible in that the teen may explore various techniques or concepts extensively with the support and encouragement of the instructor. Students will all be working on different art projects simultaneously creating a very rich and diverse environment where teens also learn from their peers. Any fixed lessons or tutorials are designed specifically to help the teen explore one's innate creativity through intuitive art-making and development of skills. It is a very safe, non-threatening way to approach the making of art with the holistic well-being of the teen at the very centre of all art-making.

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